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The production department of Toojerang Company is equipped with all adhesive laminating systems (solvent and non-solvent) – Hot Mellat laminating (wax and varnish) – Extrusion coating laminating – 8-color heliogravure printing and is able to produce most multi-layer printing sheets with different materials according to World standards of the day.

Equipped with the most advanced equipment needed to perform physics-chemistry and mechanics tests, it is able to perform the necessary tests to analyze the quality issues of production and also to answer the questions that the customer faces.

In this unit, by employing an expert and using the latest technologies and software of the lithography industry, the necessary services are provided to customers to achieve superior print quality.

حسن کبیری

Hassan Kabiri


Mohhamad-Reza Jafari

Deputy CEO

Ali Jafari

Factory Manager

Mohammad-Rasol Shahbazi

Commercial Manager

Zeynab Eysa-Pour

financial manager

Shiyda Mirza-Yousef

Human Resources Manager

Medi Fathyan

Responsible for design
Farhad Nikkhah

Farhad Nikkhah

Informatics Technology Manager

Toojrang Printing and Packaging Industries Company

Year of service

Toojrang Printing and Packaging Industries Company started operating in 2004 with the establishment of a well-equipped factory in Safadasht Industrial Town.

This factory has modern industrial printing machines and is one of the largest factories for the production and printing of food, pharmaceutical and health wrappers in the country.

In addition to experienced staff, advanced machines and quality raw materials, this collection has been able to play a significant role in the printing and packaging industry for many years with the right approach.

The project is over

Based on the latest world day records

Some of the Our Customers

Toojrang's presence in the 25th Tehran Printing and Packaging Exhibition

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